2023 - Nineteen Lookbook

Lookbook design and making for Nineteen SS23 collection. Every model is involved with the brand in some capacity and shot this on the studio's rooftop. Booklet insert featuring fabric swatches.

2023 - Portfolio Letters

Starting this year, I sent out personalized portfolio letters. Including a cover, resume, sketches and a small piece of original calligraphy. These were sent to potential employers, sent in a semi-transparent envelope.

2023 - New

Digital sketch with gradient.

2023 - Crying

Digital sketch in grayscale.

2022 - Ras Harba

Design for shipping company. Ras al-Harba means spearhead in Arabic. We shortened it to Ras Harba for something phonetically friendlier to English speakers as this company mainly operates stateside. Rendered in Kufic style calligraphy.

2022 - Balisong Rayon

Hand drawn print featuring balisongs. Rendered with a human feel to evoke the hand-painted designs of 1940s aloha shirts.

2022 - No Filter Merch

T-shirt design made to commemorate the Rolling Stones’ No Filter Tour. Produced exclusively for the doctors and medical team. Direct-to-garment print, with a white base layer and custom vinyl lettering on sleeve of doctors’ names.

2021 - Hannibal Transportation

Design for medical transportation company in Rochester, MN. Most companies in this sector use dated colorful forms with plain text. We chose to do something contemporary, bold and serious to contrast other companies.

2020 - El-Bashir Law

Design and website for a law firm. In anticipation for multi-lingual clients, made to be easily rendered in English and Arabic with a movable symbol. I used Google Noto so this logo could be rendered in any language.

2019 - Capsule Collection

Capsule inspired by my time in Sudan. Reversible shirt is inspired by traditional جلابية (jilabīyah), which are reversible and have pockets on each side. Tracksuits made from Sudanese fabric, used to make traditional garments called على الله (Alallah), a garment meant for mobility and comfort in Sudan as tracksuits are in the United States.

2019 - Eureka Projects

Identity and website for Eureka Projects, a commercial film production company. Adaptable branding for potential company divisions.

2018 - Nomad Vol. 2

Cover and book design for Nomad Vol. 2 by Ronnie Feng. The book features illustrations from the author’s childhood friend, Sisi Yu. A seal, featuring a character of the author’s choosing, produced to grace the half-cover.

2018 - 'The Hunt' Fabric

Original photo silk-screened print natural linen woven.

2018 - Self Portrait

Exquisite corpse of my face, on a paper folded by four. Drawn by separate friends on separate dates.

2018 - Fight T-Shirts

Printed on a rolling press using four laser etched acrylic plates. Branding then silkscreened on. Printing continued till each plate was broken, each mistake is shown. Made for Child Clothing.

2018 - Gravestone Print

Etching and Aquatint depicting a remembrance of my life with things that affected it.

2018 - Pills Monoprint

Inspired by a famous painting (I forget the name off the artist though).

2018 - Toner Printer

Series printed using toner taken from a printer. Silkscreen onto paper then fixed via hot plate.

2017 - Gaudiness Incarnate

Editorial for a fashion and culture magazine.

2017 - Minnesota

Styling editorial reflecting on the then current trend of wearing classic workwear and hunting items and prints like safety vests, blaze orange, and Realtree camo. Inspired by the work of Moroccan photographer Hassan Hajjaj and rethought in the context of small town Minnesota.

2017 - 'Stay at Home Mom'

Styling Editorial highlighting the American housewife and style inspired by 1950s to 1970s womenswear. It reflects on the unseen hardships of stay-at-home mothers.

2017 - A Party

Editorial reflecting on parties and belonging.

2017 - Facial Scans

Scans of the face.

2017 - Wo/man

Reversal of traditional gender roles in a classic U.S. context.

2017 - Heartbeat Site

If a website was alive, basically.

2016 - Laser Etched Denim Jacket

Bleached out denim jacket with laser engraved original text.

2015 - Form Study

Collage art focusing on angle and line.